Wolves crown themselves 2018/19 Premier League winners in dig at Super League 1 year ago

Wolves crown themselves 2018/19 Premier League winners in dig at Super League

There could be a lot of history books to be rewritten

Wolves have declared themselves the 2018/19 Premier League champions, as rumours continue to swirl that the six clubs involved in a breakaway Super League could be booted out of the league.


In 2019, Wolves finished 7th in the Premier League, with only the six teams involved in the Super League plans finishing ahead of them. So in a tongue-in-cheek dig at the money-grabbing 'big six' who are abandoning British football, competitive football, and the league, Wolves have declared themselves the default league champions of that season on their Twitter page.


They're not the only club making claims to past silverware that they may have won in the absence of the 'big six'. Brentford have asked about the availability of trophy cabinets after laying claim to this season's League Cup. The London side made the semi-finals along with Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham.

Interesting questions are going to be raised about how this season's tournaments are concluded. Will Chelsea be excluded from the FA Cup final against Leicester in May? What will happen to the Europa League and Champions League semi finals, with five of the remaining eight teams involved being part of the 12 who have set up the Super League.


And what about the remainder of the Premier League season?

Some big questions will need to be answered over the coming days and weeks. But I doubt the conclusions drawn will be to award Wolves the 2018/19 league title. Although a few clubs must be eyeing the title next season if the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City won't be involved...