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26th Jun 2017

Without a doubt this is one of the worst dives that you’ll see

Paul Moore

Classic s**thousery here.

The football off season is always a strange time to navigate because the majority of us will start to develop an interest in the MLS and Chinese Super League. Thank god that there’s the distraction of the Confederations Cup and the European Under-21 Championship to keep us busy.

This being said, we’re always curious to stumble across any golazo or memorable football highlight, which is why this atrocious dive from the Brazilian Série A caught our attention.

In the recent match between Bahia and Flamengo, Bahia defender Lucas Fonseca went in for a challenge with Flamengo’s striker Paolo Guerrero.

It’s clear that Fonseca was the guilty party – as you can see below he leaves his studs in on the former Bayern Munich striker – but after the two came together, you can clearly see that Guerrero half-heartedly swings for the defender.

Granted, he’s about a million miles away from making contact with the punch, but that doesn’t stop Fonseca from dropping to the ground like he has been smacked by Anthony Joshua.

Take a look (1:25 in the YouTube link for the whole incident)

Fonseca was actually sent-off in the game that Flamengo won thanks to a goal from Orlando Berrio.

Clip via – Ligados No Futebol