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05th May 2020

Can you beat this ‘expert’ at the Wikipedia career paths quiz?


Everybody’s favourite type of quiz

For those of us who love football, there is a something deep within our souls that craves trivia. You’ve probably wasted more hours than you’d like to admit doing Sporcle quizzes, and you’re probably quizzed to within an inch of your life right now with Zoom quizzes the new go-to social activity. And yet here you are, craving more validation of your own football knowledge.

It’s alright, that’s why we made the quiz. You’re safe here.

The concept is very straightforward – we show you a footballer’s career path, according to Wikipedia, and you have to guess who it is. Unlike the written form of this quiz, it is not multiple choice. Instead, you are aiming to beat our self-proclaimed expert, Reuben Pinder.

Good luck.