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20th Jul 2016

Wife and agent of Arsenal target lets slip that she’s in London… supporters get very excited

Jumping to conclusions...


You can’t get away with anything nowadays.

For all Wanda Icardi knew, she was simply posting an innocent tweet wishing her followers a good day. A simple, kind gesture to the more than two and a half million people who follow her account.

But football fans are better sleuths than they’re given credit for. You may have even noticed a bit of key information yourself while scrolling past her post. Twitter’s geo-tracker has given away the fact that she is currently in London.


Why is this important? Well, because of who she is. You see, Wanda is both the wife and agent of Inter Milan superstar Mauro Icardi.

The 23-year-old striker is highly coveted at the moment, particularly by one club in particular. One club based in London who have a notoriously excitable fanbase who have a habit of taking themselves too seriously online. And so, Wanda Icardi’s tweet poured fuel on the increasingly blazing fire of the rumour that her husband/client is on his way to Arsenal.

Italian media are reporting that Arsene Wenger is ready to offer up to £42m for the Argentina international and that talks are currently under way.

Inevitably, the ever level-headed Arsenal fans got very carried away with this combination of geographical fact and transfer speculation causing them to flood Wanda Icardi’s Twitter accounts with welcome messages for her and her husband.

It would be a bit embarrassing if they were off to Stamford Bridge, wouldn’t it?

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