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12th May 2017

West Brom have truly outdone themselves with their fantastic programme for Chelsea visit

They've made a great habit out of this

Darragh Murphy

Who would have thought that a no-nonsense side led by the even-less-nonsense Tony Pulis would have such fun with their pre-match programmes?

Most of the pre-game chatter about Chelsea’s trip to the Hawthorns on Friday night surrounded the fact that the Blues could lift the Premier League trophy with a victory over West Brom.

But amid the pundit predictions and analysis of clashing styles, there was a simply incredible match programme to be applauded.

With a nod to one of the regular tunes heard around Stamford Bridge, One Step Beyond, West Brom have thrown together this humdinger ahead of Friday’s game.

But this is not some fluke or one last programme hoorah to signal the impending end of the season.

It would seem like the Baggies have been pulling off tributes to classic albums throughout the campaign.

When Stoke City travelled to West Brom, fans were treated to this effort.

When they hosted Southampton, the designers came up with this brilliant tribute to The Beatles’ opus Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

A bit of Genesis before the Gunners arrived.

Who could forget James McClean paying homage to The Smiths?

And there was surely no coincidence that the visit of Manchester United was honoured by a tribute to this famous album by Oasis, the band comprised of two of the most hardcore Manchester City fans you could imagine.