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09th Jul 2016

We’ll all be copying Ricardo Quaresma’s haircut if Portugal win Euro 2016

One of a kind

Tom Victor

We may well look back at Euro 2016 as the first European Championship of haircuts.

Many will have expected Paul Pogba to take centre-stage in that regard, given some of his previous efforts, but others have run the Frenchman very close.

First we had Aaron Ramsey’s pre-tournament do, and then Ivan Perisic took things one step further. In fact, probably several steps further.

But the best may have been kept for last, with Portugal’s Ricardo Quaresma saving something very special for the final.

Now, you might be wondering what that very intricate pattern represents. We certainly were, but once we were told the answer it left us feeling quite stupid.

It is, of course, a depiction of the olive branches on Portugal’s coat of arms. What do you mean you don’t know what the Portuguese coat of arms looks like.


You might laugh now, but if Portugal beat France, and *especially* if Quaresma gets his name on the scoresheet, we can expect to see similar haircuts all over the Iberian country this summer.

Who knows, perhaps it will even catch on at schools across the UK. It might be time for barbers to start preparing to be asked for ‘the Quaresma’.

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