We made a team of Dejan Lovrens play a team of David Luizs 6 days ago

We made a team of Dejan Lovrens play a team of David Luizs

They are both unquestionably bad, but who is worse?

If you simply say the words "Dejan Lovren" to a Liverpool fan, their response is likely to be one of anguish. They will sigh, they might even laugh. Over the past few years, Lovren's repeated mistakes in Liverpool's defence have caused much heartache and pain to the red side of Merseyside. Not so much now, as fourth choice centre-back he's a bit of a joe figure and cheerleader, but there was a time when he was a starter and it was not enjoyable.

David Luiz is slightly different. He's always been the club jester, whether at Chelsea, PSG or Arsenal. With occasional spells of brilliance, the rare spectacular goal and the constant unbridled passion, he is an entertainer. But a defender? The jury is still out. At 32 his powers are waning and his first appearance for Arsenal since the COVID-induced break demonstrated by he can't be trusted anymore. At least not in a back four for a team with ambitions.

To find out which of these defenders was the worst, or most calamitous, we made 11 clones of each and put them up against each other on FIFA 20.