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31st Mar 2017

We hope Marco Materazzi’s great grandfather realises what his t-shirt means

Either Materazzi Sr doesn't quite get it, or he's very proud of his anatomy


Like great grandfather, like great grandson.

First things first, how bloody young does Marco Materazzi’s great grandfather look? The former Inter Milan defender is 44 years of age in August, so goodness knows how old the father of his father’s father is. He can’t be far of a centurion, surely? Whatever they’re eating and drinking over there in sunny Lecce, we’ll have some.

Marco Materazzi, un bacio al bisnonno

Secondly, we all know that Materazzi’s reputation precedes him. The 6ft 4in centre-back made a name for himself in his colourful career as ‘a bit of a character’, to put it mildly. Others would describe him as a ‘rogue’, ‘wind-up merchant’ or ‘snide ****’. Certainly Zinedine Zidane won’t forget him in a hurry after *that* headbutt incident in 2006.

Image result for zidane headbutt

But does ‘rumness’ run in the family? Is Marco’s great granddad a bit of a ‘one’ too? Well this photographic evidence, courtesy of Materazzi’s instagram account would suggest so. Either that or the former Azzurri man has adorned his elderly relative with a t-shirt that he doesn’t understand. Whatever the truth, it’s some statement.

‘Big dick’ is back in town indeed…