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13th Jul 2022

Wayne Rooney hits back at ‘disrespectful’ reaction to being appointed as DC United manager

Callum Boyle

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has retuned to the MLS to take over as manager of DC United

Wayne Rooney has hit back at the “disrespectful” reaction to his return to the MLS after he was appointed as the manager of DC United.

Rooney returns to the club where he spent two seasons at after leaving Derby County at the end of the season, subject to the approval of his visa application.

Wayne Rooney

‘I’ve seen a few articles, certainly back in England, on this as possibly a backwards step in my managerial career’

However some have questioned the former England international’s decision to return to the USA, claiming that his move is a step back in his career, but Rooney slammed those that believe that.

“I’ve seen a few articles, certainly back in England, on this as possibly a backwards step in my managerial career. I really found that a bit disrespectful to this league,” he said during his official unveiling.

“As a manager I’m at the beginning of that journey. I’m at a point in my managerial career where I have to put the work in, I have to put the hours in.

“Of course, I’m an ambitious person, I want to manage at the top level and this is part of that process, in terms of coming here, trying to develop this club, trying to get success here, but also develop myself as a manager.”

Gareth Bale insists the MLS isn’t a ‘retirement league’

Rooney’s move back to the MLS follows after a series of high-profile names have come to the states to continue their playing career.

The likes of Lorenzo Insigne, Giorgio Chiellini and Gareth Bale have all made the move, with the latter two playing together at Los Angeles FC.

Bale, who is 32, has joined ahead of building his fitness up for Wales’ first World Cup campaign since 1958 but has insisted that he is here for the long haul and that any views that the MLS is a “retirement league” should be quashed.

“This is a league that’s really grown, that’s come a long way in the last 10 years,” he said.

“Everyone’s striving to improve the league, the players who come over see that as well.

“I don’t think anyone sees it now as a retirement league. It’s really a league that’s physical, demanding. The weather changes are difficult, the travel is difficult.

“But it’s exciting, and to play football in front of fans like these is what you play football for.”

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