Watford's mascot Harry Hornet has broken his arm while taking a penalty 3 years ago

Watford's mascot Harry Hornet has broken his arm while taking a penalty

Get well soon, dear friend

The world's bee population is going through a difficult time at the moment. In the six years leading up to 2013 almost 10 million beehives were lost to colony collapse disorder, and in 2014 I accidentally crushed one while trying to free him from the prison that had become the space between my curtain and window.


Unfortunately, the pain doesn't end there, as yet another tragedy has befallen the community in the form of Watford's mascot Harry Hornet, who broke his arm while taking a penalty in a charity football match.

Probably the first bee to break his arm, Harry confirmed the devastating news earlier today in a tweet presumably sent with his other unbroken arm.

He also confirmed that while he is injured, the break was a clean one and most positively, he scored the penalty in question. He also thanked the NHS staff for coming to his aid despite the very real danger of becoming stung by the largest bee in the world.

How long will Harry be incapacitated for is still unknown, but the hornet will likely have been heartened by the messages of goodwill sent to him by Watford fans, all of whom are clearly aware that - despite the complicated relationship between humans and bees - we share one world, and need each other.