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20th Feb 2019

WATCH: Zenit player ridiculed by teammates after being ‘tackled’ by plastic prop

Simon Lloyd

There isn’t a set of footballers anywhere in the world that wouldn’t have reacted to this in exactly the same way…

Spare a thought for Anton Zabolotny, everybody.

Not only was the Zenit St Petersburg striker mocked by pretty much every single one of his teammates for an embarrassing training ground trip recently, footage of the incident is now doing the rounds on the internet.

The 27-year-old can be seen running into the penalty area in the video which follows, in pursuit of a long ball from one of his teammates. Unfortunately for him, he’s completely missed one of four plastic props lined up just outside the box. After running into it, he clatters to the ground – bringing widespread laughter from everyone else in attendance.

The Russian club’s official English language Twitter account is one of those to share the footage…