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28th Dec 2016

Ronda Rousey finally makes UFC Embedded appearance, looks in fearsome shape

Leanest and meanest yet

Patrick McCarry

We had to wait until the final scenes of the second episode of Embedded, ahead of UFC 207, but Ronda Rousey doth appeared.

‘Rowdy’ is shunning as many media obligations as is humanly possible in order to focus on her title fight with UFC bantameight champion Amanda Nunés. She did cede to a couple of UFC promotional requests though, Embedded being one of them.

Rousey is surrounded by her entourage in Las Vegas and looks to have that steely focus back.

“I don’t care about anything but winning this fight and I’m not spending energy on anything else,” she declares.

She also appears to be in the best fighting shape of her career. Her frame is somewhat leaner and harder hewed than her last outing to the Octagon – her UFC 193 defeat to Holly Holm in December 2015.

Rousey difference

There is a spark of the light-hearted Rousey of old – before she lost her belt – as she jokes about the fight being on a Friday and repeats the date over and over again before breaking down, laughing.

Another defeat could push her out of the sport entirely but Rousey is determined to show the world her loss to Holm was a mere aberration.

She definitely looks primed for a big one.