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19th Nov 2015

Oh this? It’s just a video of Conor McGregor dropping watermelons out of a helicopter

A very different coaches' challenge

Darragh Murphy

“I still feel my accuracy is too precise… even with watermelons.”

The coaches’ challenge took place on Wednesday night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter and Conor McGregor lacked no confidence going into the event.

Dana White had set McGregor and Team U.S.A. coach Urijah Faber the task of dropping watermelons from a helicopter to see who possessed the best accuracy.

A target was set below the chopper with values of 10, 25, 50 and 100 depending on how close the watermelon landed to the bullseye, with the prize of $10,000 for the winning coach and $1,500 each for every fighter on the winning team.

Here’s how the challenge panned out.

Round 1

Urijah Faber – 25

urijah 1

Conor McGregor – 25

mcgregor 1

The scores are tied at 25-a-piece.

Round 2

Urijah Faber – 10

urijah 2

Conor McGregor – 10

conor 2

Neither can break away as they stand at 35-35.

Round 3

Urijah Faber – 50

urijah 3

Conor McGregor – 10

conor 3

Faber takes a big lead at 85-45.

Round 4

Urijah Faber – 0

urijah 4

Conor McGregor – 25

conor 4

McGregor takes advantage of a mistake by Faber to close the gap to 15 points, but still trails 85-70.

Round 5

Urijah Faber – 100

urijah 5

Conor McGregor – didn’t throw because Faber had already won.

So Faber came out on top in the challenge and earned himself a tasty payday, as well as some nice pocket money for his fighters, but the last word was left to McGregor, who calmly stated: “F*ck the challenge!”