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19th Dec 2016

John Kavanagh gives honest answer on Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz boxing match

It would be one hell of a spectacle...

Patrick McCarry

Nate Diaz claims Conor McGregor has made a name for himself by copying him.

If anything, it seems that McGregor is the pioneer and Diaz is the next man over the wall.

McGregor stares down the camera after a victory and shoots a promo for his next fight. Diaz waits until he gets a notable win and lets rip.

Earlier this year, when McGregor said ‘thanks for the cheese’, Diaz followed with:

When Dana White spoke about McGregor getting 10 months off to prepare for the birth of his first child, Diaz sent this out:

Now that McGregor has his State of California boxing licence, Diaz is trying for likewise. He has always loved boxing, he says, and he is not sure if the UFC even wants him around.

McGregor and Diaz both holding boxing licences – it would make you think.

John Kavanagh, coach to McGregor, believes both fighters will one day close out their trilogy [currently tied 1-1] but in an Octagon rather than in a boxing ring. Asked by MMA writer Igor Mićić about the likely outcome of McGregor and Diaz in a boxing match, Kavanagh said:

“I think they both enjoy the free technique of MMA too much so I think [that fight] will be in the cage.”

Kavanagh says McGregor is happy fighting for the UFC and hopes the promotion ‘recognise that so we can make another fight’.

As for the weekend in Croatia, it ended with another SBG fighter raising a lightweight title.

In the final fight of the year that he will corner, Luka ‘The Hitman’ Jelcic claimed glory with a ground n’ pound finish in the first round in his Fight Fight Championship bout.

A year to remember but 2017 promises another bundle of adventures, and headlines.