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13th Nov 2015

Watch Ronda Rousey opponent Holly Holm let a fan kick her in the gut

Aldo just fainted

Ben Kiely

Any chance of Jose Aldo doing this before UFC 194?

It’s not often that UFC fighters get fans directly involved in open workouts. In fact, it pretty much never happens.

However, UFC women’s bantamweight contender Holly Holm did just that ahead of UFC 193 in Melbourne, by bringing an enthusiastic fan up on stage to do some light sparring and allowing her to hit her with push kicks.

Holm explained her reasoning behind the unorthodox move to MMAJunkie.

“So I went in there and I was just shadowboxing and jumping rope, and there were a couple of fans that were really exciting. They’re calling out, ‘Throw a superman punch,’ or ‘throw an axe kick.’ So it was fun, because they got to tell me what to do, and I was like, this makes it more fun because I’m not by myself.”

When she noticed how excited one particular fan was, she got a brainwave.

“I’m always going to involve the fans. If they’re going to come here just to watch us do an open workout, I want to be involved with them.”

How sound is that?