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03rd Aug 2016

This fan’s desperate attempt to meet Lionel Messi didn’t quite go as planned

They say you should never meet your heroes.

Ben Kiely

Unless you’ve been in football hibernation after Euro 2016, you’ll know that the most wonderful time of the year is underway.

Forget major international tournaments and “competitive” fixtures. Anyone who’s anyone knows that it’s all about the pre-season.

Only the pre-season could throw up such a monumental fixture as Barcelona vs Celtic and pit them against each other in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium/Lansdowne Road.

Although the Catalans brought a depleted squad, there were still a lot of stars on show in the Irish capital including Arda Turan and Luis Suarez. However, there was one man whose presence brought a significant amount of attention to the game.

No, not Kolo Toure… this chap:


Messi was undoubtedly the definitive superstar in Dublin on Saturday, so much so that it didn’t matter what sort of involvement he had in the match, people just wanted to see him.

In fact, one fan so desperately wanted to meet the Argentine wizard that he leaped from the stands into the entrance of the tunnel just as Messi was trying to make his way to the dressing room.

The wannabe Spiderman nailed the landing and just about got to touch the footballing God when security swiftly moved in and floored him.

And they say you should never meet your heroes…