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10th Mar 2019

Watch Dejan Lovren get savagely nutmegged twice in five seconds during rondo drill

Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren fell victim to two disgusting nutmegs during the warm-up before their win over Burnley this afternoon

Reuben Pinder

Close them legs, son

Being nutmegged is the most embarrassing thing that can ever happen on a football pitch. It’s worse than scoring an own goal – that can happen to anyone. When an opponent decides to pop the ball between your legs rather than pass it around you, it’s mockery at its most savage. The moment of realisation that it’s happening always comes too late. That instinctive closure of the legs, only to see your ankles clank together with the ball long gone, is truly emasculating.

Dejan Lovren fell victim to not one but two savage nutmegs on Sunday afternoon, though thankfully for him it was only during the warm-up, and not a costly mistake in the last five minutes of the game.

Ahead of Liverpool’s 4-2 win over Burnley, a group of players were partaking in a ‘rondo’ drill, you know the one, when players stand in a circle pinging the ball to each other while one poor bastard tries to intercept it. During this drill, Jordan Henderson of all players passes the ball straight through Lovren’s legs, and appears to enjoy it quite a lot.

And two passes later, Xherdan Shaqiri does exactly the same thing.

Lovren hardly had enough time to catch his breath before he was embarrassed once more.

The Croatian has had his fair share of embarrassing moments on the pitch in his career, though they have become less common in recent months.

He will just be thankful that this one came in a warm-up and not a match.