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04th Jan 2017

Brendan Schaub makes arguable claim about Joe Rogan and Conor McGregor

He certainly believes it

Patrick McCarry

Joe Rogan has been threatening to part ways with the UFC for a while now. If he ever follows up on it, he will be sorely missed.

Rogan has been with the UFC since 1997 and, along with Mike Goldberg, formed one half of a legendary commentary team.

Goldberg has now left the company, along with a slew of other staff members, and Rogan is still toying with the idea of stepping back from a job he loves to focus on other business and personal interests.

For UFC fighter Brendan Schaub, who often appears on The Joe Rogan Experience podcasts, believes the promotion should do everything in its power to hang onto the veteran broadcaster.

Schaub even makes the claim that Rogan is as important a star to the UFC as its undoubted pay-per-view king, lightweight champion Conor McGregor. He said:

“We didn’t get into an argument but I told Joe, ‘You’re just as important to the UFC as Conor McGregor is. You are a window to the ear of the fans that tune in to the UFC’.

“You cannot tell me that a UFC on FOX, a Fight Night, Fight Pass or a pay-per-view that Rogan doesn’t do is just as entertaining as when Rogan speaks… Have David Spade to do the voiceover to Shawshank Redemption – it just doesn’t work.”

That is certainly some comparison – Joe Rogan as the UFC’s Morgan Freeman. What would Freddy Lockhart say about that…