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20th Dec 2015

Was the ball kicked from Adam Bogdan’s hands for Watford’s opener against Liverpool?

Conan Doherty

Nathan Ake, what are you up to?

We all might’ve jumped the gun in sticking the boot into Liverpool’s poor stand-in goalkeeper, Adam Bogdan.

The Hungarian seemed to drop a clanger for Watford’s opener against Liverpool during Sunday’s early afternoon kick-off and he was rightly criticised for his initial mistake at least.

But, on second viewing, was Bogdan in control of the ball after his first gaffe?

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Okay, he should’ve just the first floated effort he went up for and, heck, he should’ve been stronger on his second gathering of the ball considering it dropped in the bloody six yard box.

Pictures would show you however that he did seem to have the ball in his hands when Nathan Ake poked it from him…