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09th Jun 2017

Virgil van Dijk changed his Twitter bio after Liverpool deal fell through

This did not go unnoticed

Darragh Murphy

Virgil van Dijk was seemingly not very happy when he found out that his move to Liverpool was suddenly off the cards.

The Southampton defender, coveted by several top Premier League clubs, looked destined to become Jurgen Klopp’s first-choice centre-half before Saints reported the Reds for an allegedly illegal approach for van Dijk.

Liverpool immediately abandoned the deal, apologised to Southampton and attempted to forget about the whole ordeal.

But it’s pretty clear that the defender had his heart set on the move as he had something of a strop in the wake of the news that he wouldn’t be heading to Anfield this summer.

Prior to breaking his silence via a cryptic tweet, van Dijk changed his Twitter biography to remove all mention of his current club.

The 25-year-old also changed his profile picture from one of him sporting the red and white of Southampton to one depicting him representing the Netherlands.

And while he was clearly annoyed at Southampton for grassing up Liverpool, somebody from the Saints must have since had a word because it wasn’t long before van Dijk changed his bio back.

But he refused to return to the old profile picture.

So that’s a win for him.