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19th Jan 2016

VIDEO: Scotland international faces suspension after “testicle grabbing” incident

These aren't the balls you're looking for

Kevin Beirne

Put simply, rugby is a sport of angry men and oddly-shaped balls.

While it seems brutal from the outside, the game is controlled not just by the rules imposed by the ref but an unspoken code of respect among the players.

You don’t talk back to the ref. You stay quiet during an opponent’s kick. And you don’t grab a handful of anyone’s special area.

Scottish flanker Ryan Wilson appear to have broken this last rule during Glasgow’s European Cup tie with Northampton over the weekend, and now he could pay the price.

During a scrum for Glasgow, Wilson tried to fend off Northampton scrumhalf Lee Dickson by pulling on his little Dickson and could face a 12-week suspension after his actions were spied by the citing commissioner.