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15th Nov 2015

Ronda Rousey pretty much predicted how the Holly Holm fight would go (Video)

Except for the result...

Ben Kiely

Move over Mystic Mac, there’s a new clairvoyant UFC fighter in town.

About a month before her fight with Holly Holm at UFC 193, Ronda Rousey appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show and gave her prediction for how the bout would play out.

As we know, Holm shocked the world by dominating a fighter who once boasted the accolade of “most dominant female athlete in the world” throughout the fight and eventually knocked her out with a brutal head kick in the second round.

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Holm used her superior footwork and striking to stay out of Rousey’s grappling range for most of the opening round and peppered her with nasty counter punches as she aggressively rushed forward. This led to the opportunity where Holm was able to deliver a sweet kick to her opponent’s dome.

The thing is, Rousey told Jimmy Fallon this is exactly what would happen.

“She’s the biggest threat to me on paper and stylistically.

“She’s the type of fighter I feel like you have to be very patient with. I feel like she’s going to try and keep distance and try to keep from away from and frustrated until the point I make a mistake and she can try to kick me in the head.”

Although she was pretty spot on with her prediction for the fight, Rousey was way off with the result.

“But it’s not going to go like that…”