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10th Nov 2015

Ronda Rousey expands on her ‘lube-shaming’ interview (Video)

Some spiffing catchphrases

Patrick McCarry

“How do you think our ancestors did it?” Awkwardly and with all the candles blown out, is our guess.

Episode 1 of Embedded: UFC 193 begins with women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey joking about her interview with Maxim, in which she expressed the opinion that using lube during sex was just lazy.

Rousey does not back down from the claims. She remarks, “Women everywhere are going to thank me for their guys putting in a little bit of effort and not just going to the store for a short-cut; oh hell no.

“If you need some artificial material then you are not doing your job right.”

Rowdy later comes out with a catchphrase that will surely end up on some official UFC merchandise soon: “If you need the lube, you’re not the dude.”

Slightly better than “It’s not my fault you’re working with a sandbox.”

Embedded Rousey

Holly Holm, who faces Rousey on Saturday, drops in for a session with haughtily named chiropractor Dr. Lyman S. Atchley.

The good doctor describes Holm as his ‘pet patient’ and describes Holm as being like his own daughter. He then mushes her face into a massage table before predicting a Holm victory at Etihad Stadium.


The episode ends with Rousey working on her boxing skills at her Crown Metropole hotel, in Melbourne.

“The life of a champion isn’t for everyone,” she reasons, “because it just taxes everything inside of you, but the reward is so amazing.”