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15th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Lionel Messi scored ‘impossible’ goal 20-yards behind the nets

Nothing is impossible for Messi!

Ben Kenyon

We’re not worthy.

Lionel Messi is now a household name and he has earned that.

In the last few months, the Argentinian has risen to worldwide prominence but we knew him at least three months ago, before he was cool.

His talents will no longer remain a secret though – how the hell could they?

The man who tore Celta Vigo a new arsehole with one of the most joyous performances of all time, was recorded in training taking that freedom and genius and downright God-like magic to a whole new level.

Anyone familiar with a bit of practice ground tomfoolery is well used to a sneaky effort or two from the byline or corner flag. Trying to curl it in, level with the goals is one of the hallmark challenges that face any man.

What if – WHAT IF – you could do it from way behind the goals?

Lionel Messi can. Of course he bloody can. He was obviously using that infamous Catalonia guile.

Or maybe the man’s just a freak.