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18th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Kimbo Slice comes dangerously close to whipping out his testicles at Bellator press conference

Absolutely nuts

Ben Kiely

Things took a very bizarre turn at the Bellator 149 press conference.

Not only do we have MMA legends Royce Gracie and Frank Shamrock leaving their walking frames beside the cage to slug it out in the ridiculous main event, but we have the fantastically entertaining Kimbo Slice taking on Dada 5000 in the co-main.

This promises to be the car crash viewing that MMA fans will complain about, but will almost definitely tune into watch, purely for the novelty.

Just in case you needed a flavour of what exactly we have in store at Bellator 149, Messrs Slice and 5000 reminded us exactly what we’re in for during the pre-fight press conference.

let's get weird

We’re not exactly sure how it happened, but at one point Slice began challenging his opponent to drop his pants and show that he has smaller testicles than he does.

He then started grabbing the top of his pants, making everyone present a little concerned that the pants were quickly going to follow the suit’s lead and come off.

Thankfully, both fighters’ pants stayed on during the entire presser and the immaculate hashtag #YouGotBabyNuts was born.