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23rd Nov 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo loses patience with reporter, shoves mic away (Video)


Ben Kiely

Word of advice, if Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t taking questions, you probably shouldn’t shove a microphone in his face.

The Real Madrid is the talk of Spanish sports outlets at the moment with several reports raising questions over his future following his club’s thrashing at the hands of arch rivals Barcelona at the weekend.

And when Ronaldo stopped his car at the gates of Madrid’s training ground to allow fans to take photos, a swarm of reporters were waiting, ready to pounce to try to get quotes about the Florentino Perez and Rafa Benitez situation.

One reporter invaded his space with a microphone while he was posing for a photo with a fan, leading to Ronaldo getting visibly annoyed and batting the mic away.

He won’t be trying that again in a hurry.