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21st Feb 2016

VIDEO: Watch Cathal Pendred’s brilliant breakdown of Kimbo Slice v Dada 5000

Expert analysis

Ben Kiely

If you were stumped about how Kimbo Slice landed that crushing knockout blow on Friday night, let Cathal Pendred fill you in.

Anyone who tuned into Bellator 149 know just how catastrophic the marquee bouts were, but by far the low point of the night was the co-main event between Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000.

While Slice may be a big name in the combat sports world, he isn’t really known for having the greatest technique and pretty much everyone who even has the slightest interest in MMA wasn’t expecting much from the two middle-aged men in the co-main.

The bout itself more than delivered on its promise of being car crash television with Slice eventually finishing his opponent with a shoulder nudge KO that sent Dada flying to the other side of the cage before face-planting on the canvas.

Retired Irish MMA fighter Cathal Pendred has done a breakdown on the ridiculous fight which is actually a lot more entertaining than the fight itself. If you want to master the shoulder nudge KO, check out the video embedded below.