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31st Dec 2016

Usain Bolt was so excited by Man United’s comeback win he phoned MUTV live on air

It really was him

Rob Burnett

Usain Bolt is a massive Manchester United fan.

The fastest man on earth has spoken plenty of times about his love for the club – and it turns out it’s not just one of those things where a celebrity claims allegiance to a football club like West Ham or Aston Villa so he comes across as a right good, ordinary bloke.

Instead Usain really does seem to be a United fan – so much so he was so excited by their comeback victory over Middlesbrough on Saturday afternoon that he called up the club’s in-house television station MUTV live on air.

When she heard that the next caller was from Jamaica and called “Usain”, the host jokingly asked, “It’s not Usain Bolt is it?!”

Turned out it WAS Bolt.

The line to Jamaica was not the easiest to hear, but Bolt said he was pleased with the way the game had gone.

“The Manchester United way,” he said. “It was a great match. I’m happy.”

Meanwhile former United players Gordon McQueen and Lou Macari listened in looking as baffled as you would be if the most famous Olympian in the world just happened to call in to a post-match club channel TV show.

And just to confirm it really was him, the nine-time Olympic gold medallist tweeting this shortly afterwards: