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13th Nov 2015

USA SOCCER GUY: 5 real famous Irish soccer players

Soccer Guy

Thought that the country of Ireland was famous for Leprechauns and guys wearing kilts?

If you did, you guys are wrong. Its soccer team participized in the greatest World Cup of all time in America in 1994, and if their guys can go beat some other team, they’ll be heading to the European World Championships in France next summer.

If you need to go educize yourself on Irish soccer, look no further than right here – my guide to 5 real famous Irish soccer players.

Shameless Coleman

Deefense guy Shameless Coleman is one of Ireland Soccer Club’s modern day MVPs. Despite playing deefense, Coleman has lit up the EPL League like a fourth of July firework since he started to do soccer for Evertown.

Like some outta control freight train where the driver passed out or had some kinda heart attack and can’t apply the breaks, his runs from the right side of his danger box zone have are famous for being real fast.

Kenny Doglish

Kenny Dalglish and Sammy Lee of Liverpool

Real old Kenny Doglish might well have been one of the greatest Irish Soccer Players to have ever played soccer, but he never played for his country.

Instead, he stuck to playing soccer in Mercyside England for Liver Pool where their fans still love him real bad for all the real nice memories.

Shane Given


King of the hand denials, Shane Given, is one of the winningest Irish goaltenders of all time.

With him in between the pipes over the years, Ireland Soccer Club have recorded a whole bunch of unstained scoresheets.

 Mick McCartney

Born some place else, McCartney was transferred to Ireland Soccer Club way back in the eighties.

After his playing days, he also became the country’s soccer coach and had a real big fight with Robbie Keane at the World Cup in Japan.

As a result, Robbie Keane took an airplane ride home to Ireland and hate-wrote a whole bunch of real mean stuff about him in his book.

Robbie Keane

Los Angeles Galaxy Introduce Robbie Keane

The most famous of all Irish soccer players has to be Robbie Keane, mainly because he’s taken his game to Major League Soccer and still been able to mix it with the big guys.

But way before he made the move to America, Robbie Keane was already pretty famous in England after his time with the Manchester Unity.