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04th Jan 2021

Uruguayan footballers condemn Edinson Cavani ban in brutal statement

The Uruguayan Football Players Association have issued a statement on Edinson Cavani's three match ban, and it pulls no punches

Reuben Pinder

The statement pulls no punches

The Uruguayan Football Players Association has issued a statement in defence of Edinson Cavani, condemning the English FA after it sanctioned the striker for using a term deemed to be racially insensitive in an Instagram post.

Cavani was given a three match ban, fined £100,000 and ordered to complete face-to-face education for a comment on Instagram deemed ‘insulting, abusive, improper’. The Manchester United player did not contest the charge.

But his international teammates have leapt to his defence, claiming that the FA has shown ‘ignorance and disdain for a multicultural vision of the world’ by punishing Cavani for using a term which is considered affectionate in Uruguay.

“Firstly we must condemn the arbitrary conduct of the English Football Association,” the statement began.

“Far from condemning racism, the English Football Association has itself committed a discriminatory act against the culture and way of life of the Uruguayan people.

“The sanction shows the English FA’s biased, dogmatic and ethnocentric vision that only allows a subjective interpretation to be made from its particular and excluding conclusion, however flawed it may be.

“Edinson Cavani has never committed any conduct that could be interpreted as racist. He merely used a common expression in Latin America to affectionately address a loved one or close friend.

“To sustain that the only way to obtain a valid interpretation in life is that which lies in the minds of the managers of the English FA is actually a true discriminatory act, which is completely reprehensible and against Uruguayan culture.

“We would therefore like to defend Edinson Cavani’s impeccable character and of course our country’s culture.”

The statement goes on to urge the FA to review its decision-making process and overturn the punishment imposed on Cavani.

Uruguayan players including Lucas Torreira, Luis Suarez and Diego Godin have all shared the statement on Twitter.