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26th Oct 2015

Conor McGregor reveals a different side to himself on this spine-tingling UFC behind-the-scenes film(Video)

He looks humble, hungry and focussed...

Patrick McCarry

We are 47 days from Conor McGregor’s featherweight title unification bout against Jose Aldo at UFC 194.

The Irishman is returning his undivided focus to dethroning Aldo after he claimed the interim title in July.

As part of their build-up to the Las Vegas bout, UFC on FOX debuted a two-part ‘On the Brink’ series that centres around The Notorious’ UFC 189 triumph over Chad Mendes.

The access to McGregor is unparalleled and offers an excellent insight into the man that has shaken up the promotion.

A fortnight before the Mendes fight, cameras catch up with McGregor going hard at it in the gym. “Two weeks from gold,” he declares. “Gimme that belt!”

McGregor On the Brink 1

He then jets off to New York for the launch of Reebok’s fight apparel and catches up with Daniel Cormier and Ronda Rousey.

Despite her fondness for Aldo, Rowdy appears to be a member of the McGregor fan club.

McGregor On the Brink 2

Perhaps the best moment of the entire series, and the moment that presents McGregor as more humble than he would ever like to let on, is the closeness he shares with coach John Kavanagh and his Straight Blast Gym teammates.

“You need of circle of people that you came up with. That’s who got you to this certain level – the people that you train with day-in, day-out.”

The second part of the series centres around the raucous weigh-ins and the fight itself. McGregor adds further credence to the self-given nickname, Mystic Mac, when he predicts exactly how he will see off Mendes.

“I will march him down, I will break him up and I will put him away.”

McGregor On the Brink 4

As for the fight itself, most of you know what happened. For those of you catching up, McGregor chinned Mendes to the deck and followed up with blows until referee Herb Dean called it and a new interim champion was crowned.

On the Brink – Part 1

On the Brink – Part 2