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07th Oct 2015

UFC champion Ronda Rousey tells us straight what makes a ‘real man’

'Some men are intimidated by successful women'...

Ben Kiely

Ronda Rousey has no time for men who aren’t real.

The baddest woman on the planet gave a revealing interview with the Huffington Post, in which she spoke about relationships – mainly about how they sometimes work and why they sometimes fall apart.

Rousey explained the importance of being ambitious in a relationship, and it sounds like she tried her hardest to avoid using her phrase of choice, “don’t be a do nothin’ bitch”.

“An ambitious woman makes the man in her life step up his game. It’s easy to be lazy and not push yourself when you’re with a woman who doesn’t challenge you at all. I think that’s why some men are intimidated by successful women, because they’re intimidated by that challenge and that comparison and really having that in their lives, having someone to pursue achievements with. It’s hard — I’ve had relationships where it turns into a competition and that’s not a good thing at all.”

“But it’s amazing when you have somebody that’s just as ambitious as you are and they’re hustling just as much as you are. You feed off of their energy and their ambition, and it makes it so much easier to get up in the morning and go and handle everything in your day, because you have a partner in this endeavor.” 

When asked what she thought makes a real man, Rousey gave a rather poetic answer.

“A real man is one that doesn’t feel the need to dim the light of his woman in order to make himself feel brighter.”

Eloquently put, Ronda.