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18th Dec 2015

UFC champ Conor McGregor isn’t letting fame and fortune go to his head at all (Video)

*Sarcasm alert!

Ben Kenyon

Conor McGregor said he was looking forward to a quiet Christmas at home with the family after winning the UFC world title.

After sparking out Jose Aldo he told the world’s press “It’s Christmas, I’m thinking right now – Christmas.

‘I’m looking forward to going home, building a Christmas tree with my girlfriend, spending time with my family, eating some good, good food and let the plan form.’

But it seems like the flamboyant Dubliner’s idea of a quiet family Christmas might be a little different to ours.

While most folk are probably at home wrapping a few presents, nailing a mulled wine or two and watching some sh*te Christmas telly, this is what McGregor was up to – cruising around in a $440,000 Rolls Royce listening to Mariah Carey of course.

Good to see the huge UFC pay day and super-stardom hasn’t changed him one bit…