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10th Sep 2016

UFC 203 almost lost half its fight card after scary as hell elevator plunge

Close, close call

Patrick McCarry

They walked away; lived to fight another day.

There was an extremely scary moment for several fighters on the UFC 203 card on Friday night, as the elevator they were sharing had a cable snap. The malfunction saw the lift fall three floors to the basement but luckily there were no serious injuries incurred.

Several fighters on the event’s main and under-card were in the elevator at the time, including Urijah Faber, CB Dolloway, Fabricio Werdum, Brad Tavares and Yancy Medeiros.

Faber was quick to update his followers on his dice with disaster.

Faber then posted some hectic scenes from inside the elevator and after the drop.

The mood seems remarkably relaxed considering that disaster was narrowly avoided. That is not your typical picture of a group of people who have just been in a presumably terrifying lift accident, but when you get punched in the face for a living we guess it probably takes a bit more than that to wipe the smile off your face.

Fabricio Werdum even jokes, “Maybe I ate too much after weigh-in.”

If that was us, we’d be reassessing our life, making goals and never seeing any of them out.

Thankfully, everyone seems okay – apart from Dolloway, who injured his back and is out of his light heavyweight fight. The remaining bouts are set to go later tonight.

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