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05th Dec 2015

UFC 194 anti-doping testers must be sick of the sight of Jose Aldo

You again

Patrick McCarry

USADA have been keeping busy and are letting the UFC 194 participants know they are vigilant.

Following the furore of Jose Aldo’s discarded urine sample, ahead of UFC 189, the anti-doping authorities have gotten their act together.

In the lead-up to next week’s featherweight fight in Las Vegas, the United States Anti-Doping Authority has released their latest list of fighter tests.

Aldo and Conor McGregor, who feature in the main event, have been tested most. The Brazilian has submitted five samples while the Dubliner has been visited by testers on four occasions.

During a media scrum, earlier this week, McGregor told reporters he had been tested eight times by USADA since they took up screenings in the promotion. He commented:

“I got tested two days ago at about six in the morning. It was still dark out here in California and they dragged me out of bed, blood, urine.”

Aldo has often spoken about the testing process and, last month, called out McGregor to be more transparent about his samples.

According to Lance, Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero have also been tested four times.

USADA pre-UFC 194 tests (as of December 4)

5: Jose Aldo

4: Conor McGregor, Chris Weidman, Luke Rockhold and Yoel Romero

2: Ronaldo Jacare and Demian Maia

1: Gunnar Nelson