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08th Mar 2017

Tyrone Mings has been given a five game ban

The FA have been merciless with Mings...

Robert Redmond

Tyrone Mings has been banned for five games for his stamp on Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Football Association charged Mings with violent conduct on Monday, after the incident at Old Trafford a few days previous.

The Bournemouth defender’s boot connected with Ibrahimovic’s head during the game between Manchester United and Bournemouth on Saturday.

Ibrahimovic was attempting to get up off the ground, and Mings’ studs hit off the side of his head as the defender attempted to hurdle him and Wayne Rooney.

A few minutes later, Zlatan landed an elbow on the Bournemouth defender.

Ibrahimovic accepted his punishment and has been given a three game ban for that act. Mings has received a five game ban, after contesting the FA charge.

The punishment is not about whether Mings intended to stamp on Ibrahimovic, but down to the fact that it was considered violet conduct.

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