Top UFC featherweight just won't shut up about Conor McGregor's mum 9 months ago

Top UFC featherweight just won't shut up about Conor McGregor's mum

All's fair in love and war but some will be of the opinion that mum jokes are crossing the line.

The victim of Conor McGregor's most infamous burn of all time is running with the jibes about the Irishman's mother, having initially posted the below tweet in September, just 359 days after McGregor brutalised Jeremy Stephens by asking: "Who the f**k is that guy?"

Stephens met Margaret McGregor in Las Vegas last year and simply couldn't turn down the opportunity to nab a photograph with her, with the ultimate aim of trolling the reigning UFC lightweight champion.

The chances of seeing McGregor return to his old stomping ground of 145lbs in the UFC look very slim so we wouldn't expect him to settle his differences with 'Lil Heathen' anytime soon but that won't stop Stephens' attempts to talk trash about the Dubliner.


Ahead of his clash with Doo Ho Choi this weekend, Stephens couldn't help himself from commenting on Mrs. McGregor during an interview with TMZ.

"His mom’s pretty hot too, she’s great," Stephens said. "Maybe his dad can pick us up with the cab he used to drive and then take me and his mom out on a date.

"Hey bro, look at her. She’s not bad looking, right? She’s a lady right there ... she’s always got the invite to be snuggled up here under this right arm."