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23rd Dec 2016

Rory McIlroy trolls Tiger Woods over his bizarre Christmas tweet

"Wake me up when it's 2017"

Robert Redmond

What the hell?

Tiger Woods will be back in action next year, after missing most of 2016 with injury troubles.

We reckon this tweet might be the first topic of conversation when he runs into some of his old pals.

Because, Tiger, you have to explain whatever the hell this is, and what’s a “Mac Daddy Santa” and where had he previously been now that he’s back.

You might need another press conference to straighten this out.

Woods tweeted this photo of himself shirtless, wearing an Oakland Raiders baseball cap, a Santa hat and shades.

The tweet was seemingly sent on purpose, because it hasn’t been deleted yet.

The former world number one said this, whatever it is, is a tradition his kids love.

Which is fine, but everyone else, including Irish golfer Rory McIlroy was left with a range of emotions ranging from confusion to despair.

To McIlroy, this tweet was the icing on the crappy cake that was 2016

Woods’ tweet prompted confused responses. It also means this is no longer the most confusing photo you’ll see this year.

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