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12th Sep 2017

Thomas Müller considered Man United move as he admits he’d be open to leaving Bayern Munich

United tabled a bid for the player two years ago

Simon Lloyd

Two years ago, Manchester United were believed to have tabled a big money offer for Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller.

At the time, the chances of the German international moving to Old Trafford appeared remote. Although United had secured a return to the Champions League under Louis van Gaal, the club had still not fully lifted itself from its David Moyes-induced nuclear winter. The Dutchman’s ‘philosophy’ still appeared to consist of long periods of sideways passing 50 yards from goal followed by an over-hit Chris Smalling pass which ran out for a goal kick.

In contrast, Bayern continued to dominate in Germany and, under Pep Guardiola, they also remained a force in the Champions League. The idea of Bavarain-born Müller leaving his local club for Manchester seemed far-fetched.

Despite this, Müller has now admitted in an interview with Kicker that he did consider the possibility of a transfer to Old Trafford – although soon decided to stay put after Bayern made clear how important he was to them.

“There was a stage when the subject arose two years ago when I considered it, but then the club immediately backed me and I was told I belong here.

“I didn’t have to think about it a great deal after Bayern said we are counting on you and that you are an important man for us.”

Müller doesn’t extend on his reasons for (briefly) considering his move to United, although he has praised Van Gaal, who handed him his debut at Bayern during his spell as their manager, in past interviews. The reported bid also came in the same summer that United had managed to prise the disintegrating remains of Müller’s friend, Bastian Schweinsteiger, away from the Allianz Arena.


Touching on Schweinsteiger’s departure, Müller also made clear that he couldn’t fully close the door on a move away from Bayern in the future.

“Of course, it’s possible,” he said. “When my time is up, it’s up. Schweinsteiger was here for over 10 years and now he’s been gone for over two years and another player is here instead.

“It will be exactly the same with me. If I drop dead tomorrow, there will be a funeral, yet on Friday, 11 players will still be out on the pitch. That’s life.”

(A bit dark.)

“At the moment, I don’t think it’s going to happen because I am very happy here. However, I’m not saying that somewhere different in the world definitely wouldn’t be my thing either.

“If life takes you somewhere else then I would make myself at home there as well.

“I would follow the same principle as here, enjoying as many good things as possible every day.”