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01st Dec 2015

This shows just how good Tyson Fury’s world title victory actually was (Pic)

No other British heavyweight world champion can claim this!

Ben Kenyon

This will no doubt cause a few arguments down the pub tonight.

Who is the greatest British heavyweight boxing champion of all time?

You’d have to consider the great Lennox Lewis who became the undisputed champion of the world after beating Evander Holyfield.

Or maybe you’re a fan of Frank Bruno, who knocked people out for fun in 40 of his 45 victories?

But there’s one man who believes that accolade could very well go to Britain’s newest world heavyweight champ.

While Tyson Fury’s tactical battle with Wladimir Klitschko won’t go down as a paragon of pugilistic perfection, it has set the 27-year-old apart from any other British champ.

According to this post, nobody has done it quite like him…