This Polish top flight strike is the best goal you'll see all weekend 11 months ago

This Polish top flight strike is the best goal you'll see all weekend

This is an absolute cracker.

It's been an interesting weekend of football. We've seen Manchester City secure the Premier League title, we've seen Gigi Donnarumma effectively end Napoli's hopes of winning Serie A and we've seen Barcelona extend their unbeaten La Liga run to 39 games.

Potentially the most impressive moment of the weekend however was away from the glamour of the major European leagues, in a Polish league game between Śląsk Wrocław and Nowy Sącz.

The game - an Ekstraklasa relegation play-off - was less than a minute old when Śląsk found themselves in their opponent's half.

The ball was put on a plate for an attacker in the box who swung a foot and inadvertently executed a perfect dummy for the on-rushing Mateusz Cholewiak.

Seemingly unperturbed by early game jitters, the looming threat of relegation, or the number of players bearing down on him, the left winger proceeded to connect with the ball and send in a shot of sheer beauty.

Aside from the pure aesthetic quality of the goal, it - and the fact that Cholewiak's team managed to hold out for victory despite picking up a red card - gives the home team a comfortable chance of avoiding relegation, while consigning their guests to an uphill battle to avoid their own.
Do we watch a lot of the Polish top flight? No. Did this article require a certain degree of Google research? Yes. Are the chances of us watching the Polish top flight increased by goals such as this? Most definitely.