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27th Apr 2017

This Man City fan was painfully late to realise Gabriel Jesus’ late goal had been disallowed

To be fair, so was he...

Simon Lloyd

Football can be a real sickener at times.

Picture this.

You’ve watched your team slog it out against their local rivals for 90 minutes. It’s into stoppage time now and it’s still goalless. Your lot have had the best of it and are good value for a win. Their lot have even had a man sent off and are clinging on for dear life to try and preserve a point.

Then, just as it seems added on time is whizzing by at breakneck speed and that one, final, golden opportunity is never going to arrive, your team gets a break.

Their defence fails to clear another attack. Your winger flashes the ball across the six yard box for your substitute to get in front of his marker and nod the ball towards goal.

The ‘keeper is beaten. The ball hits the back of the net.

You scream until your throat hurts, you punch the air in delight and so do the people around you.

You continue to celebrate, completely oblivious that the people around you are now shouting and screaming for another reason: the goal does not stand, ruled out by the linesman’s flag.

The guy next to you tells you, abruptly bringing to an end your moment of joy.

Picture all that.

Because it’s exactly what happened to this poor lady in the aftermath of Gabriel Jesus’s late disallowed goal in the Manchester derby on Thursday night…

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