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20th Jan 2016

This is what riders Floyd Mayweather is demanding on his British tour

Ben Kenyon

What Floyd Mayweather wants, Floyd Mayweather gets.

When you’ve got as many flash cars and wads of cash lying around as the five-division world champion, you can’t blame him for having become accustomed to living the high life.

But even though Money has retired from boxing after beating Andre Berto in his 49th and final fight, he’s not planning on living any less ostentatiously.

The undefeated Pretty Boy is heading to Britain for a tour of eight cities in February and he’s got no intention of slumming it while he’s over here.

Wales Online has published a list of his riders  for when he visits Cardiff next month.

It’s a pretty specific list to say the least and includes Nandos, Gummi Bears and enough snacks for him to see out the winter.

the simpsons homer simpson hungry popcorn snacks

Here’s the full list…


Bottles of cold water: 20

Bottles of room-temperature water: 10

Bottles of Gatorade: 10

Bottles of Coca-cola: 10

Selection of fruit juices

“Premium” coffee

Hot green tea

Hot black tea


Mint gum

Smoked almonds

Gummy Bears

Honey roasted peanuts

Red Twizzlers


A large tray of Nando’s mild hot wings

Or mild buffalo wings with French fries


Turkey breast

Cheddar cheese

American cheese




Doritos and assorted chips


Green seedless grapes

Whole apples