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20th Nov 2015

This is what Holly Holm said to Ronda Rousey right after she knocked her out (Video)

Ben Kenyon

There was bad blood before the world title fight between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.

After a respectful build-up, when the pair finally weighed in trash was talked and tensions almost boiled over between  them when they faced off ahead the UFC 193 headline fight.

Rousey then vented on Instagram calling Holm a ‘fake humility b*tch.’

So when the ex-boxer crushed previously imperious and undefeated ‘Rowdy’ you could probably have forgiven her for rubbing the former champ’s beat-up nose in it.

But she didn’t. Anyone watching the UFC 193 coverage will have seen Holm go up to her defeated rival and say something.

Now the new bantamweight champ has opened up to Larry King about the words she uttered to Rousey in the moments after she KO’d her with a spectacular head kick.

It turns out she was pretty magnanimous in victory. Respect.