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18th Jun 2017

This is what happens when Phil Neville jokes about Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United return

Poor Phil...


Cristiano Ronaldo might (but probably won’t) be returning to Manchester United.

In truth, it’s been pretty much impossible to escape this news over the last few days, so it might be best if you skip the next couple of paragraphs as they’re only recapping what you already know.

According to reports, Ronaldo is unhappy in Spain after authorities accused him of tax fraud and intends to leave the country as a result.

Largely because United are one of only two or three clubs that can actually come near affording him, talk of a return to Old Trafford is everywhere.

On Sunday evening, Sky Sports announced to the world that, according to their trusty sources, Ronaldo would indeed be up for a move to United. The reaction to it was perhaps inevitableas was the response to the tweet sent by Phil Neville shortly after.

‘Welcome home,’ the former United player and coach tweeted.

Phil clarified later that he had been joking, but plenty of those that saw it took it as him getting just as carried away as some of United’s transfer-hungry supporters.

Poor Phil. As if taking a bit of stick for a light-hearted joke wasn’t bad enough, he also copped some flak from a Spanish bloke who mistook him for his brother.

Still, at least some people were on hand to compliment his stepovers…