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20th Nov 2015

This gambler won $240,000 with a bet on Holly Holm to beat Ronda Rousey after another $2.5m win

This is the biggest UFC payout ever!

Ben Kenyon

Most people thought Ronda Rousey was going to absolutely bulldoze Holly Holm at UFC 193.

But David Oancea is not most people. While the pundits, fight fans and bookies were all heavily backing ‘Rowdy’ to win, this pro sports better was having a little flutter on Holm to cause an upset.

When we say a flutter, David put a cool $20,000 on the former boxer to do a number on the undefeated UFC bantamweight champion at odds of 11/1.

So when that scything kick landed on the side of Rousey’s face and dropped her like a sack of spuds, the man must have been going bananas.

We imagine William Hill probably were as well, watching $240,000 go down the sh*tter.

It was the biggest amount ever won on an MMA bet.

But it doesn’t end there. David managed to rinse $2.5million off the bookmaker that very same month after betting big on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series.

“I said I really don’t like to bet fights but I would bet 10 grand on the underdog,” he told Sporting News.

“The next day I’m sitting front row at the Blazers game in Portland with my chick against the Spurs and I get this media blast that the guy that bet the Royals for $2.5 million is laying heavy on Holly.

“I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ, this media. I would do it, didn’t say I was going to do it. But I might as well f—ing do it.’ When I landed on the plane I can look at my phone app and it said +1100, I’m like, ‘Holy sh*t,’ I said ‘f**k it, I’m betting $20,000’.

“I didn’t think they (William Hill) would take $20,000 because most people will not take that kind of action on a fight. But I think because I won so much off the Royals they wanted some of their money back. So they took it.”

Bookies must absolutely hate this guy.