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06th Nov 2015

This Chinese commentator got sacked for snoring through the Real Madrid vs PSG match (Video)

How the hell did he fall asleep?

Ben Kenyon

Sleeping on the job.

It’s probably perfectly fine if you’re a mattress tester, a sleep technologist or whatever job Homer Simpson did in the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

But when you’re supposed to be commentating on the Champions League you really shouldn’t be catching 40 winks.

Not just any game either, it was the huge clash between Real Madrid and PSG – but somehow Chinese pundit Dong Lu managed to doze off.

He was supposed to be giving moment-by-moment commentary on the game for LeTV in China (whch did actually air at a horrifically early 3.45am).

But about 20 minutes into second half he nodded off…and you can actually hear him snoring away on the live coverage.

Needless to say TV bosses didn’t need to sleep on any decision to sack him, and he was given the boot straight after the game, according to ITV.

A Chinese football commentator who fell asleep while covering Real Madrid’s victory over PSG this week has been sacked.

Dong Lu was providing co-commentary for Chinese broadcaster LeTV’s Champions League coverage on Wednesday, when he drifted off midway through the second-half.

The huge time difference meant Madrid’s highly anticipated clash with PSG started at 3.45am in Beijing, where the 45 year-old veteran pundit was covering the match.

Dong, who has more than 20 years experience as a TV football analyst, could be heard snoring during the last 20 minutes of the game and was sacked almost immediately after Madrid’s 1-0 win.

He later apologised and vowed to continue covering football on his blog. That is, of course, providing he stays awake.

Watch the moment Dong was caught napping here.