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15th Feb 2016

This accidental Leicester bet could win Essex mates a £20,000 stack

Beautiful mistake...

Ben Kenyon

These two firefighters must have really got the p*ss taken out of them by the guys at the station.

Novice punter Jordan Wright thought he was getting ridiculous odds of Leicester to win their first Premier League game back in August.

The 23-year-old thought the 2000/1 odds were so good for the game that he told his pal Mitchell Baldock who also stuck a tenner on.

It wasn’t until after they’d had the punt that they realised the bet they’d actually wagered money on Claudio Ranieri’s men to win the title, according to the Daily Mirror.

They must have got ripped by everyone at work for what probably seemed like the daftest bet in the world back at the start of the season.

No-one’s laughing now as the Essex boys are staring at a potential £20,000 win between them if the Foxes can maintain their lead at the top of the table.

Their title aspirations  did hit a snag after they were beaten 2-1 by Arsenal at the weekend, however.

Mitchell, who is ironically an Arsenal fan, said: “Everyone thought we were mad but not any more. I’m off to Vegas soon and I’ll have lots of­ spending money if they do win.”