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04th Apr 2016

There’s now a lego version of Liverpool’s Champions League parade bus


Tom Victor

Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League triumph was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for many fans of the Merseyside club.

You can understand why supporters would want a memento to that remarkable come-from-behind victory, but we imagine even some Anfield regulars will think the latest way to commemorate the Istanbul win is a bit much.

Fans are now able to buy a Lego replica of the tour bus used on the victory parade. Not the Champions League trophy. Not Jerzy Dudek’s right hand. The tour bus.

UEFA Champions League Final - AC Milan v Liverpool

The Liverpool Echo reports that the replica will set you back £90 – that might sound like a lot but you can get 100,000 of them for the price the Reds paid for Simon Mignolet.

According to the paper, the bus comes with four lego men, and the makers have told fans they can decide which figure represents which player.

We doubt many fans will be boasting about having a Lego Harry Kewell, though.