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13th May 2017

There’s a running theme to the Bobby Madley jokes that are doing the rounds

Goody two shoes

Darragh Murphy

You don’t see that all too often.

There was a rare occurrence late on in Manchester City’s 2-1 victory over Leicester on Saturday afternoon.

Having gone down 2-0 at the Etihad, the Foxes looked to have rescued a point when a late Riyad Mahrez penalty found the top corner.

Mahrez had slipped just as he made contact but still managed to beat Willy Caballero in the City goal.

2-2? Nope!

Referee Bobby Madley blew the whistle and flashed what appeared to be a peace sign but harmony was not what he was after.

He was signalling that the ball had been touched twice by Mahrez, meaning that the goal would not be allowed to stand.

It was an incredible spot by Madley and one that was definitely the correct call, although not everybody was pleased with the rule’s existence.

A clear stickler for the rules, Madley absolutely nailed the decision but the fact that he was so insistent on following the letter of the law so meticulously resulted in a similar joke doing the rounds on social media.

And some of them were pretty damn funny.